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Our Pillars

The Pursuit of Healing is an online community that was designed to empower and inspire women around the world to embrace healing  & thrive in wholeness. 

 We want to see women healed, whole and secured in their identity.


At the Pursuit of Healing, we are committed to helping women realize that healing is accessible and obtainable. It is our purpose to promote healing and assist women in gaining the courage to embrace their journey of healing, so that they live emotionally healthy lives. 


At the Pursuit of Healing, we are committed to helping women find the courage to be transparent in their journey of healing with themselves and their community. We believe that transparency is the mother of all trust. When you are able to be transparent with yourself and others, you’re more receptive to accountability and more liable to be self-aware. It is our duty to point women in the direction of ownership and responsibility. When broken and in pain, it is very easy to blame or point the finger at others. We are aware that what happened to you, may not be your fault, but we are firm believers that your healing is your responsibility. Own it!


At the Pursuit of Healing we are committed to highlighting the importance of a “SECURED IDENTITY.” It is impossible to live a fulfilled life of healing & wholeness without being confident in who you are. We believe that our true authentic identity is in Jesus Christ. As women, it is important to know who God says you are, rather than being consumed in who you think you are, and in whom society has convinced you to be. We are dedicated to helping women secure their identity in Christ and confidently living as women God created them to be. 


The Pursuit of Healing is committed and commissioned to inspire women to live purpose-filled lives. We empower women to seek God’s will, plan, and purpose for their lives. We believe that when a woman is focused on pursuing her purpose and is grounded in her purpose, she has the ability to lead an influential life. We believe that when a woman is living a purposed filled life, she breaks barriers, and operates in an authority that impacts the world around her. It is our responsibility to empower women to chase their dreams. We believe that NO DREAM IS TOO BIG. We inspire women to set goals and to take actions towards the manifestation of their vision. We promote confidence in women, so they are aware that they are powerful change agents. 

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