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Alisa Haughton is a creative visionary, photographer, author, content creator, comedic influencer and so much more! To know her is to love her! Every day she strives to turn her dreams into reality. Follow her on Instagram:  @dreamcreateinspire_ 



Le’ja Renee’ Stephenson, was taught the importance and power of serving, not only within the four walls but through outreach and service-learning from a tender age. Having a heart for youth development and a love for performing arts, Le’ja pursued her Bachelors in Communications with a Dramatic Arts concentration. Le’ja finds joy in watching and journeying with others as they evolve and develop into their best selves, because of this she decided to pursue a Master of Social Work degree from Nyack College with a concentration in Leadership in Organizations and Communities. As she works her passion by giving back, she is a vital asset and a  liaison between the community, partners, resources, and programming.


 Le’ja uses a  social work framework as an instrument to engage in the marketplace and to draw people to the kingdom of God through his word, music, and acts of service. Le’ja continues to develop and interconnect her faith, passion, and career by being an agent of change. Most of all, Le’ja finds joy in advocating for those marginalized/underserved, shining light in the darkness. 


What greater purpose do we have in life than to worship and glorify our maker and develop a constant hunger for worship, exaltation, and service. 




S. Dawn Olatokun is a passionate trailblazer for doing God’s will and who’s work is focused on helping young ladies and women be healed and restored from various types of trauma. A graduate of City University of New York at City College. Dawn earned her Bachelors degree in Sociology with Dean’s list honors from the Collin L. Powell School.


In 2002, Dawn submitted her life to Christ and God immediately began to give her visions of a program called the purity movement designed to assist young ladies and women live a life of purity after experiencing trauma. 


Dawn takes joy in loving people, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband and her three children, serving in ministry as a Deacon at Crown Ministries International and event decorating and planning. 

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