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Healing, Wellness, & Wholeness

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Try it out! Thinking about scheduling a coaching session? Schedule a 30min consultation to get a feel of what your needs are and how this therapeutic approach will help.



Our Heal To Thrive session is a one on one therapeutic approach that helps you uncover emotional barriers that hinders your ability to thrive in your life. These one on one healing  sessions focus on restoration of the soul, and emotional/inner healing. We work on transforming your thoughts and behaviors while helping to improve your emotional regulation. It’s our perfect mix of biblical principals, theoretical fundamentals, and healing interventions designed to help you embrace healing, thrive in wholeness, and passionately pursue purpose.

Collective Healing Hubs

“Healing Requires Community” 


Our Collective Healing Hubs provide a safe space to process trauma, anxiety, grief, and other events that impact your mental and emotional health. In our hubs, you’ll receive direct coaching, resources, and tangible tools/skills to aid in your healing, and help build resilience.


The Collective Healing Hubs consist of 6-week support groups for Anxiety and Trauma Recovery for women of faith. These groups are limited to 15 women per cohort and are open, giving participants a chance to join session to session, or enroll in the entire 6-weeks. It is encouraged for participants to enroll for the entire 6-weeks to reap the full benefits of the group. You will have a chance to heal in a safe community, in addition to receiving support and guidance from qualified coaches and counselors.

What you will get: 

  • Learn to confront Anxiety & Trauma 

  • Tangible Skills & Tools to aid in Healing 

  • Homework and thought provoking activities 

  • Access to community/sisterhood 

  • Biblical principles, advice, and guidance 

  • Boundaries Charts

  • Follow-up support 

  • Gain emotional intelligence & self awareness 

  • Emotional and Mental Stability 

  • Spiritual Clarity 

Enrollment is now open for the first Cohort, “Conquering Anxiety For The Woman Of Faith.” Next Sessions begin Mid Winter 2022.

Collective Healing Hubs

The Well Intensive

The Well Intensive is a 12week (3month) coaching and counseling program for career women & women of faith, that incorporates both therapeutic and biblical counseling approaches. It is designed to help you take a deep dive into Pursuing God, Pursuing Healing, and Pursuing Purpose. This program will help you heal from emotional and mental traumas and address barriers that hinder your ability to move from "Survivor" to "Overcomer." 


The Well exists as a safe space to promote healing, wellness, and wholeness. This intensive will assist participants in intentionally digging inwardly and uprooting areas of the heart, mind, and soul, that robs them of their total freedom and their ability to thrive in optimum wholeness. This is the place where you will be equipped and positioned to break cycles, dismantle shame & self-sabotage, overcome fear, and passionately pursue purpose.


The Well experience is more than another program or course; it’s a community that promotes the process of springing forth and coming together. It is a continuous journey of healing, emerging, evolving, and coming into the fullness of who you are.

What you will get: 

  •  One on One sessions

  •  Develop Concrete Wellness Plan (Personalized)

  •  Worksheets (Downloadable)

  •  Goal Setting & Action Plan

  •  Unlimited Resources 

  •  Unlimited Email Support 

  •  Reading list of suggested books

  • Access to Monthly Masterclasses

  •  10% Discount on H.E.R. WELLNESS KIT

  •  Access to private community 

  • Monthly Bible Study & Prayer: What God has to say concerning your healing..

The Wel Intensive
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