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Collective Healing 


Our Collective Healing Hubs provide a safe space to process trauma, combat anxiety, address matters of the heart and address other life events that impact your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In our hubs, you’ll receive direct coaching, therapeutic resources, and tangible tools/skills to aid in your healing, and help build resilience.

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Our Vision

Cultivating safety in an intimate setting is important to us, so we limit our sessions to 15 women per cohort. We desire to see women heal in a safe community and build authentic connections, while implementing tools necessary to maintain their growth. 


“Healing Requires Community” 


Our Collective Healing Hubs provide a space centered in community, that fosters mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Encouraging the use of practical skills, tangible tools, and faith infused coping strategies to aid in your healing, growth, and the flourishing of your purpose aligned goals.


The Collective Healing Hubs consist of 6-week support groups for Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, and Matters of the Heart for high achieving women of faith. These groups are limited to 15 women per cohort and are open, giving participants a chance to join session to session, or enroll in the entire 6-weeks. It is encouraged for participants to enroll for the entire 6-weeks to reap the full benefits of the group. You will have a chance to heal in a safe community, in addition to receiving ongoing support and guidance from qualified coaches and counselors.

What you will get: 

  • Learn to confront Anxiety, Process & Heal Trauma, and Deal with Matters of the Heart

  • Tangible Skills & Tools to aid in Healing 

  • Homework and thought provoking activities 

  • Access to community/sisterhood 

  • Biblical principles, advice, and guidance 

  • Boundaries Charts

  • Follow-up support 

  • Gain emotional intelligence & self awareness 

  • Emotional and Mental Stability 

  • Spiritual Clarity 

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