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A Ministry Style Membership Designed for Christian Helpers And Healers To Become Refreshed And Restored 
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Our Mission is to gather Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, Consultants, and Pastors those called to cultivate healing
experiences. To refill our cups through the strength and empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Our goal is to engage the community, cultivate growth, and create a safe

space that fosters healing for healers.

What's Included In Your Refresher

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Meet The Instructor

Hi I'm Yasmeen Ojwang

Yasmeen Z. Ojwang is a woman of faith, a Pastor, Mentor, Wholeness & Emotional Wellness speaker, Author, Healing agent, and Masters level Social worker & Christian Counselor, with over 8 years of experience in trauma focused counseling and evidence based practice. She is passionate about helping people through counseling, coaching, and mentorship. 


Yasmeen believes that being transparent and sharing her story will inspire others to discover who God is in their lives and to discover who they are through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Yasmeen is confident that her story will compel others to learn to love themselves, break from from shame, and rewrite their narrative through healing and wholeness.


Yasmeen firmly believes that we should all live a purpose-driven life, which is full of dreams and aspirations. She enjoys sparking that fire in others to chase after their dreams until they become a reality.

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    If you’ve realized the need for healing in your life, but lack community, accountability, and that extra push, this is the place for you! Take that leap and join our community. You’re in for a wonderful ride, full of teachings, great content, sisterhood, and a whole lot of Healing and wholeness.

    Join The Membership Today!

    While the membership will offer amazing support, we understand the importance of multiple support layers.

    We've created another dimension to the membership by allowing you to book quarterly coaching sessions or a private session to use anytime while you're inside the membership. Use the links below to check out after you subscribe to the membership, and we'll get you scheduled for your call. 

    • Quarterly Private Coaching

      Every month
      Perfect For The Member Who Desires Quarterly Private Coaching
      Valid for 12 months
    • Membership Private Coaching

      Perfect for the member who wants to meet with a licensed therapist to offer additional support
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