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What is the Pursuit of Healing?

The Pursuit of Healing is your virtual safe space, curating authentic healing experiences for women of faith through therapy, coaching, support groups, and transformational events. We believe in equipping women around the world to practically HEAL with GOD. We want to see women healed, whole and secured in their identity.


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The Pursuit of Healing is a wellness community designed to be a safe space for millennial women of faith to pursue & embrace healing, build better relationships with themselves and others, discover purpose and LIVE WELL.

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Our 5 Pillars of Healing

Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness

We believe that

prioritizing your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness are key components to living a healthier life; a life that includes

emotional intelligence,

mental clarity and spiritual grounding & security. We believe I’m the power ofJesus and therapy over here!

Self-Discovery & Secured Identity

We believe that discovering and understanding your true self comes with the ability to walk in assurance, confidence and authenticity. These are foundations

to fulfilling purpose and honoring who God says you are. There’s a freedom in self discovery & self exploration, which leads to full awareness and oneness within yourself. This determines how you show up in the world.

Self-Love & Self-Compassion

We believe that love starts with YOU. Often times it’s so easy to extend love and compassion to others and disregard ourselves. We know that practicing self love and self compassion will foster a more harmonious relationship with yourself and

allow your to pour from a full cup.

Confidence & Courage

We are committed to helping women find the confidence and courage to Heal forward, live life beyond their traumas,deconstruct negative/false narratives, and

step out of the cage of Shame, that hinders the ability to freely live and walk in your truth, and embrace new narratives.

Community (Sisterhood

Healing requires community. We believe that the journey of healing & wholeness

is more doable, and transformative when you can identify safe spaces and

people, a “Tribe” to walk beside you. Community and sisterhood fosters

accountability, support, and holds space for vulnerability. Community lives here.

Meet Yasmeen

I help women of faith break free from shame, build better relationships with themselves & others by practically healing WITH GOD, and living out their purpose WELL. 


Yasmeen Z. Ojwang is a woman of faith, a Pastor, Mentor, Wholeness & Emotional Wellness speaker, Author, Healing agent, and Masters level Social worker & Christian Counselor, with over 8 years of experience in trauma focused counseling and evidence based practice. She is passionate about helping people through counseling, coaching, and mentorship. 


Yasmeen believes that being transparent and sharing her story will inspire others to discover who God is in their lives and to discover who they are through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Yasmeen is confident that her story will compel others to learn to love themselves, break from from shame, and rewrite their narrative through healing and wholeness.


Yasmeen firmly believes that we should all live a purpose-driven life, which is full of dreams and aspirations. She enjoys sparking that fire in others to chase after their dreams until they become a reality.


Yasmeen is the founder and Executive Director of Kujenga Tumaini Kenya, a nonprofit that addresses trauma in the lives of women and girls in Kenya, through counseling, mentorship, empowerment, and advocacy. She is also the founder of The Pursuit of Healing, LLC which is a membership community designed to help women embrace  healing, prioritize mental and emotional wellness, and thrive in their purpose by providing faith based virtual coaching and counseling practice. 


Over the years, Yasmeen has provided tangible tools to women to aid in their healing process, in the US and Africa. It is Yasmeen’s intention to promote all things Healing, Wellness, and Wholeness.  She desires to see women healed, whole and living in the fullness of their purpose.  Yasmeen believes that when women take responsibility for their healing, they are able to break barriers that block their transformation and success.

The Pursuit Of Healing  .jpg
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I LOVE GOD, I LOVE his people. I love telling my story and my truth of

how I struggled with shame and fear of embracing the fullness of who God

called me to be. I love seeing women build one another up, and heal so they

can live more fulfilled lives.

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I created The pursuit of healing out of wanting to create a virtual safe space

for women to engage and create community as they receive support as they


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I have traveled to both Kenya and India and worked with women and girls

helping them overcome trauma, heal their relationships with themselves,

and build better habits that aided in them LIVING WELL.

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I am a Faith Leader, a Licensed therapist, and Run a Nonprofit.

If you’ve realized the need for healing in your life, but lack community, accountability, and that extra push, this is the place for you! Take that leap and join our community. You’re in for a wonderful ride, full of teachings, great content, sisterhood, and a whole lot of Healing and wholeness.

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