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The WELL Intensive

For the woman who is ready to silence the voice of shame, live in her

truth, and tap into hidden treasures within her INNER WELL.


The WELL Intensive 

The Well Intensive is an 8-week group coaching program for women of faith, that

are ready to break free from shame and allow God to rewrite their story. The Well

is influenced by John 4:1-26, when Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the

well and though she had a past rooted in shame and pain, Jesus let her know,

she can now draw from a well that will fill her, and she no longer had to draw

from a place of shame. This program is designed to help you identify behaviors

and thought patterns rooted in shame, deconstruct false narratives, and heal

from past experiences so that you can elevate your relationship with God, with

yourself, and others, while living out purpose WELL.


The Well experience is more than another program or course; it’s a community

that will equip you with the tools needed to practically heal forward, and live free

of shame. This space fosters radical acceptance of your true identity rooted in


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The Well Intensive is for Women Who:

  • Feels bound in the cycles of shame and self-condemnation.

  •  Ready to rewrite their narrative and live, secured in their God given identity.

  •  Ready to heal forward and no longer live captive to past traumas.

  •  Ready to build authentic sisterhood, and community that fosters accountability and ongoing support.

  •  Ready to thrive in purpose and LIVE WELL.

  •  Ready to SHOW UP in life as authentically themselves

In this 8-Week Group Coaching we will cover:


What you will get:

  • Two 1hr individual coaching sessions to review goals, complete a wellness assessment, and talk through any barriers present, and to check in on progress.

  •  Weekly virtual group coaching session.

  •  Help with developing a wellness plan (Personalized)

  •  Reading list of suggested books and resources.

  •  Unlimited email support.

  •  Access to Monthly Masterclass lead by Yasmeen and guest.

  • Faith leaders, and qualified counselors and coaches.

  •  Access to Private FB community

  •  Monthly Bible Study and Prayer

  •  15% off of the HER Wellness KIT

  •  Support and teachings rooted in clinical and biblical perspectives

  •  10% off of Yasmeen’s book “The Healing Journal.”

  •  Copy of program workbook to aid in successful implementation of program objectives and tools in your healing  journey.


I want to join The WELL Intensive.

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