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Be Whole


Pursue Therapy 

“Healing is a journey, not just a place of arrival”

Do You Feel Disconnected from yourself, and like you’re struggling to find yourself? Are you feeling bullied by Anxiety  Worry? Are you ready to have a better connection to yourself, challenge negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs?

Tired of feeling stuck in the same old patterns? Ready to break free from the past and move forward? 

Therapy can help you do that. Therapy can help you find your way out of a cycle of destructive behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. 

It's time for you to start living your best life!

Imagine A New Way To Live and Love


YOU'RE in the right place. Trauma, life events, life transitions, filling multiple roles, being “The strong one” can make you lose a sense of who you are and your sense of value. We are here to help you heal through those traumas, learn to build a better a relationship with yourself, manage your emotions, and live your life WELL, in purpose. 


We're here to help you find a new way to live and love in the pursuit of healing through therapy.

We know that finding your way can be difficult, but we believe that it's worth it. We believe in you. We believe in your ability to heal yourself, and we want to help you do it.

Imagine living a life that you love, without the trauma getting in the way.

We know how hard it is to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone put on your favorite outfit and go out into the world without feeling like there's something missing. We also know that you're not alone—those feelings are real and they're valid.

But we also want to tell you about something incredible: You can make a decision today to unpack the circumstances that have happened to you and make them work for you. The pursuit of healing is a choice we believe in, and a journey that we'll help guide you through.

Your Healing Coach 

Yasmeen Ojwang, MSW, LCSWA (Therapist)

Now Accepting Therapy Clients In North Carolina

Specializes in:



Women Issues

Trauma Related issues

Stress Management



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"Working with Yasmeen has been amazing!

I’ve spent over a decade looking for the right therapist who makes me feel comfortable meeting with me consistently, and I’m so glad I’ve finally found someone I could trust to listen, and help me get through my current struggles. I definitely see an improvement in the quality of my daily life after having weekly sessions with Yasmeen. I’m so grateful for her helping me see my situations from a new perspective,and I’m especially grateful for her being an amazing support for me."


"Wednesday November 18, 2020; my life was turned upside down. My husband and I had a domestic dispute which turned physical and ACS was called since my daughter was in the home at the time of this terrible event. Thankfully we decided that Family Therapy was the best route of healing to take at that point. We were connected to Yasmeen, and our life took a turn for the best.  During our therapy sessions with Mrs. Ojwang, my family and I were able to start to heal from this very traumatic event. Mrs. Ojwang gave me and my family amazing tools for better communication and ultimately healing and we will forever be grateful for her expertise and honestly caring for us."


"Growing Up I Always Thought Therapy Wasn’t For Me. The Older I Got The More I took on stressful situations. Last Year Was My Breaking Point, Where Everything Seemed To Hit Me All At Once And I Couldn’t Find A Trustworthy Outlet. I Searched And Searched But I Just Didn’t Feel Comfortable Telling anyone of The Therapist I Looked Into.  From The Moment I Started Yasmeen helped me tremendously. not only spiritually, but mentally, and emotionally as well in personal and Business Adventures. 


In My First Few Sessions I was Stand Offish,  Due to my hurt, But as I began to open up more, and I started to see change in myself.   We talked about triggers, My Feelings And Goals! Let Me Tell You Something! I Can Honestly Say Once You Have A Goal And Yasmeen Knows It, YOUR GOING TO REACH THAT GOAL! In The One Year Of Being With Yasmeen I Have Reached Most Of The Goals I Didn’t Think I Would Be Able To. She’s Really The Best, And Will Give Soo Much Motivation.


I Personally Want To Thank Yasmeen For Being Obedient And Following What Was Placed In Her. Women Like Me Need And Needs A Sista Or Woman We Can Cry, Talk And Vent Without Being Judged. Someone Who Will Talk And Pray With Us Through Our Situations And Still Be Down To Earth. Thank You Again Yasmeen. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! Trust Me"



Take the first step

HOMECOMING!  We like to call this process in therapy the art of coming home to yourself, being able to connect with the deeper parts of yourself, understanding your triggers and their roots, connecting with your body, mind, and spirituality.


The ability to intersect all parts of you, will bring you into a space of a more fulfilled life, and radical awareness. We believe in fostering a space where you’re able to challenge irrational thoughts, address what you’ve suppressed, and are able to learn tools to help you manage the areas of her life that have felt out of control. Are you ready to Come home to Yourself, and fully embrace the parts of you that you disconnected from, and felt deep shame around?


Then you're ready to start a journey of healing and growth. You just don't know how to get started. Therapy can seem like an intimidating process, but it doesn't have to be!

You've been holding on to these feelings for so long that they feel like a part of your identity—the way you see the world, the way you perceive yourself, the way you interact with others. And all that time, your internal dialogue has been telling you that those feelings are normal, right? That's not true. You deserve better than this.

And guess what: Your therapist is going to help you get there. But first, they'll ask if you're ready to do this work. Start by making sure that inside yourself, there's an internal yes—the next step is just an external reflection of something beautiful and healing that everyone would like to join in.

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