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Woman, Set Yourself free!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It’s an indescribable feeling to look healing in the eyes and become frightened by the thought of it. Frightened because for years pain has become the norm.

Frightened because dysfunction and I have become the best of friends. Frightened because there’s no way healing could possibly!

How could healing and everything that comes with it want a girl who’s been broken most of her life?

How could this girl who’s been carrying rejection, abandonment and fear possibly be free?

How could this girl who has made terrible mistakes as a result of her brokenness become acquainted with wholeness?

After searching for the answer to all of those questions, there is no other solution but it has to begin with ...Me!

I have to dig deep down within and find the power to set myself free!

I will myself to be free from all of the chains that hold me!

I will myself to be free from the prison of rejection!

I will myself to be free of not feeling good enough!

I will myself to be free from not feeling smart enough!

I will myself to be free from insecurities!

I will myself from thinking that I can never truly be happy relationally, emotionally and financially!

Recognizing that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!

I AM Confident!

I AM Whole!

I AM Healed!


And if I can be free so can you! Woman, set yourself free.

~Kaija Binyard

Guest Contributor

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